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Adria DeCorte is a healthy living strategist who works with female entrepreneurs to ‘fuel their hustle’. Of course, if you’re listening to this podcast, you’re a wellness entrepreneurs so you know what you need to do to keep yourself in peak condition…but do you actually do it? (I know running your own business it’s too easy to prioritize work over gym visits and healthy cooking!)  In today’s interview we’re talking about how to fuel your hustle, and also, how Adria was chosen as a TedX speaker!  She shares how she became a speaker at a Ted-X conference, how she prepared her talk, and her tips for how to perform on the day.  I know so many wellpreneurs dream of speaking at a Ted-X, and you’ll be totally inspired to apply to your local Ted-X event after listening to Adria’s advice!

Below is an extra bonus article written by Adria, this week’s podcast guest! In it she shares how we can differentiate ourselves from our competition in the health and wellness industry.


3 Steps to Stand Out From Your Competition in the Wellness Industry

You are your clients’ best-kept secret – great at your craft and knowledgeable in your field. But you’re working hard in your marketing efforts without seeing results.

You know that to grow you have to be seen – to be known as a go-to expert in your field. And you deserve traction. After all, you’re a Wellpreneur and what you do could help so many people.

Yet you don’t feel good enough to be called an “expert” and that holds you back from taking a stance on anything in public. To top it all off, you struggle to communicate clearly what you do.

Your Wellness Marketing Is Too Vague

The hard truth is that when you’re vague and general, no one cares… which leads to your current cycle of lots of effort but getting nowhere.

Want to know what sets you apart from the 60 other practitioners doing the same thing as you? Have you considered that to be memorable, people must remember you for something specific?

And it’s not that you do a special branch of yoga that no one knows about or that you only help people with colitis (although it could be).

What truly makes you unique is… YOU.

No other practitioner has the same mix of accomplishments, personal strengths, and stories. These are what set you apart and eliminate any competition. Because when someone wants you for you, there is no substitute.

When you identify what makes YOU amazing at what you do, it’s 100% easier to communicate it to potential clients, at networking meetings, and on an interview. And that’s when your businessbegins to hustle for you. That’s when you naturally draw in ideal clients and opportunities.

But what do you get known for, what really sets you apart from the crowd? This is what I help entrepreneurs uncover in my 5-day #ClarityChallenge, but I’ll get you started here.

The First Step to Standing Out is Clarity

Hit pause on your frantic dash forward and slow down to ask the right questions. The ones that illuminate who you are and what you bring to the table.Once you have the clarity, then you can make your moves to get known for it. But it all starts with the clarity first. Essentially, you’re asking what makes you an expert? And what do experts do? They take a stance, tell their story, and own their accomplishments.

1. Why do I do what I do?

Why do you care? What is it that gets you up in the morning to do your work? What motivates you? What’s your mission?

Perhaps you’ve lost connection, or gotten side-tracked, or are comparing yourself to everyone else and thinking that what you’re doing isn’t valuable enough. Close your eyes and tune into why you’re doing this work in the first place.

Answering this question begins to develop the mission behind your work.

For example, my core mission is to help other mission-driven entrepreneurs achieve a lasting impact. I love supporting people who are supporting others. When I took the TEDx stage with shaky knees, I grounded myself by remembering the reason I was doing it.

2. What have I accomplished?

Most people focus on what they haven’t yet created rather than realize how much they’ve already done. Each of your achievements is evidence of the expert that you already are.

Think about what you’ve already accomplished. Where have you succeeded? Where have you been resilient, what have you overcome? It doesn’t have to be specifically in your market; it canalso be in your life.

What did you uncover? Take ownership of what you’ve accomplished.

In the last evolution of my business as a Healthy Living Strategist, I had a narrow definition of success and didn’t feel like anything I’d done “counted” because I hadn’t made a specific income yet. I ignored that I’d developed a clear message and brand, exposure and visibility, and built a movement – the parts of my business that WERE successful.

It wasn’t until my own coach sat me down and forced me to write out a timeline of my accomplishments over the previous three years, that I was able to bust through my ingrained idea that success is solely linked to the bottom dollar… and finally believe in myself.

Look at what you’ve done before. You can do it again. And you can help others with it.

3. What do I take a stance on in my industry?

What do you have an opinion on? What do you know to be true? Especially that you’re holding back and not saying?

Give yourself permission to take a stance.

I used to shy away from sharing my opinions on things if they differed from the crowd. Just a month ago, I had a strong gut feeling that a major cause of the epidemic of business burnout is when we become all business, no separation from our personal self.

But then I talked to a couple of close entrepreneur girlfriends and they disagreed. They saw the healthy way as one life with business and personal intertwined. And I almost decided to scrap my podcast episode “Are you losing yourself in your business?”

But when I posted it, I got the most passionate feedback from my tribe, responses like “Yes!” and “thanks for writing that.” My audience members said it was exactly what they were feeling. And this has happened time and time again when I take a stance that I believe in.

Your answers to these three questions set you apart

When you combine your answers to the questions above, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want to be known for. That means you’ll stop feeling scattered about where to spend your limited time and start communicating your unique value in free consultation calls, on your sales pages, and in networking meetings.

As a result of your newfound clarity, every message you deliver will have more impact and that impact leads to more traction in your business. Aka, you’ll begin to draw in ideal clients and opportunities.

This article is a guest post by Adria DeCorte, Clarity & Visibility Coach

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