Real Health Coach: Get Your Wellness Business Started with a Bang with Tracy Harrison {e45} 

In today’s episode, I hope to get all of you inspired to grow your wellness business with an in-depth interview that goes into the details of how to start out strong and grow your business quickly!

Health counselor Tracy Harrison serves as a great example for new Wellpreneurs – from the very beginning she just went for it and put herself out there, and her business thrived as a result. She took some bold steps to commit to her new path, ended up doing 30 public speaking engagements in her first year of business, and worked with over 20 clients before she even finished her coaching training program!

We talk about how she got her clients from speaking gigs, how she transitioned her in-person clients to virtual sessions, and one of my favorite topics – your email newsletter, how to take advantage of it, and why it should be one of your top priorities!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to create a virtual wellness business that thrives
  • How to use speaking engagements and your email newsletter to get new clients
  • Why your email newsletter is “liquid gold” and tips to increase your open rate
  • How taking imperfect action will help you achieve your goals
  • Why too much planning and perfectionism can cost you clients

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