Public Speaking Secrets to Grow Your Coaching Business with Alysa Rushton {e44} 

Many of us remember being told during health coach training about the importance of giving talks to get new clients – I know I heard it repeatedly: “Give talks! Give talks!” But does this approach really work? Maybe you’re giving talks already and it’s not getting the results you expected. Or maybe you’re terrified of speaking.

Today’s guest is Alysa Rushton, a health coach and a public speaking coach. Alysa started out in her corporate career teaching presentation and public speaking skills before becoming a health coach. Although she initially struggled to get her business off the ground (even her speaking gigs didn’t go as well as planned!) she eventually figured out the formula for a booming practice through giving strategic, targeted talks. Her success generated enough interest that she later transitioned into public speaking coaching, specifically for other coaches.

Today Alysa will be sharing a lot of secrets about how to speak effectively to generate clients, and she’ll reveal her personal journey from a successful health coaching business to her present public speaking business.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes coaches make when giving talks
  • How to use your speaking gig to get the audience interested in your paid programs
  • When to charge for speaking gigs, and when to do it free
  • How much information to give your audience, so you’re giving value and they’re eager for more
  • Tips on creating a strategy and structure for your talk
  • Why public talks are a great way to experiment with a new/different niche

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