Your Online Community Can Do the Marketing for You! with Laurie Villarreal {e43} 

Leveraging online marketing for an in-person business is really hot topic among wellpreneurs, and today’s guest has come up with a great solution – she’s created an online community that does the promotion for her!

Laurie Villarreal’s business is an offline, in-person running and marathon training program called House of Running. She built an online Facebook community around it to help her members feel more connected to each other, but she finds that the community also helps her! By providing content on Facebook that is easily sharable, her members spread the word about House of Running and bring in new clients, which provides viral marketing for her business.

Laurie will explain how she set up her Facebook community, how she started in getting them actively engaged with each other, and how the group now functions well on its own, even without much management on her part.

The fact that Laurie started her business in Amsterdam without even knowing the Dutch language also makes her a great example of following through on what your heart tells you to do, without letting any excuses hold you back!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why an online community for your in-person business is a win-win for you and your clients
  • How to effectively set up an online community/Facebook group
  • How to get your Facebook community engaged and eventually running by itself
  • How to get your online community to promote your business for you
  • How to create regular social media content without wasting hours every day

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