Mama Medicine Founder Deborah Hanekamp {s06e09} 

This week, Amanda interviews Deborah Hanekamp, a founder of Mama Medicine who facilitates medicine reading out of her space in NYC and hosting ceremonies that integrate over 17 years of her experience and wisdom in healing arts.

Learn about Deborah’s transition from shutting down her yoga studio to founding Mama Medicine, why she simplifies her business, and what is disempowering teaching for her. Also, Deborah talks about simple practices to step into your inner guidance, how natural cycles affect her rhythms of work, and how working hard is linked with her lineage. At the end of the interview, our guest shares her experience of visiting Ireland, a homeland of her ancestors. More specifically, she reveals what ancestral practice she experienced there as well as the biggest takeaway from the whole trip.

An emotional interview, absolutely worth of listening. Tune in and find out more!

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Who is Deborah Hanekamp?
  • 1:43 – Let’s connect on Instagram!
  • 2:39  – How Deborah describes what she does
  • 3:21 – Deborah’s experience with shutting down her yoga studio and transition to medicine readings
  • 10:10 – Why Deborah decided to simplify her business with Mama Medicine
  • 11:50 – What is disempowering teaching for our guest and why
  • 13:28 – Simple practices to step into your inner guidance
  • 16:04 – Why people are nature in NYC
  • 17:34 – How natural cycles affect Deborah’s rhythms of work
  • 20:41 – How working hard is linked with Deborah’s ancestral line and why work does not come first in Deborah’s life
  •  27:38 – Deborah’s Ireland visit i.e. Walking down the paths of her ancestors
  • 30:15 – Ancestral practice that Deborah experienced there and the biggest takeaway from the whole trip
  • 32:51 – Three quick questions for our guest
  • 34:11 – Where you can find more about Deborah’s work and how to connect with her

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