{e36} Creating the Business You Truly Want with Julie Santiago 

Today’s guest has a really powerful message about fearlessness, following your gut and taking those leaps of faith to create the kind of business you really want.

Julie Santiago left Wall Street two years ago to start her health coaching business, and earned nearly 6 figures in her first year! Despite the immense success, she felt something still wasn’t right and she was burning out. She decided to start over and rebrand herself, working on a much more sustainable and authentic level.

Julie shares her journey – the success, the lessons learned – and how we can bring our unique strengths into our businesses to create a more authentic business.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What to do if your current wellness business still doesn’t feel right
  • Why vulnerability and authenticity is crucial, and how to open up
  • How to bring your whole self into your business
  • How to be fearless, trust yourself, and follow your path even when it doesn’t make sense.
  • How to avoid burning out in your business

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