{e29} Time Management and Location Independence with Caroline Cain 

Caroline Cain is “The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor” and in today’s interview she’ll not only tell us how she found her own freedom, but some great tips on how you can find it for yourself.

Caroline is a trained naturopath, a business coach, a mother, and she’s managed to make her business entirely location independent. In the beginning of her career, like many of us, she fell into the trap of evenings and weekends before learning to set boundaries. Today she’ll explain how she successfully manages her time, allowing her to spend ample time with her family and cut her work week down to just 25 hours.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • how she created her very unique, location-independent business
  • how she chunks her time and schedules her day
  • tips on setting priorities for your business
  • how to set boundaries so that your business doesn’t take over your life
  • why you need a mentor/coach
  • how she balances entrepreneurship and motherhood

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