Behind the scenes at Wellpreneur: productivity and schedules {e28} 

This week’s episode is a little different and was inspired by one of my coaching sessions and my recent three-week digital sabbatical. I’ll be talking to you about my own business this time: running two sites, managing my time efficiently, and how I manage to keep my sanity!

I’m going to share how I run my own businesses, which includes two websites with newsletters, a podcast, social media, courses, client sessions, speaking engagements, and so on. I’ll give you an overview of how I schedule my time out to maximize my productivity and keep from getting overwhelmed.  And of course, I’ll offer lots of tips and recommendations that you can try in your own business too!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What a digital sabbatical is and why you should take one
  • Grouping tasks to increase productivity and eliminate procrastination
  • Efficient social media practices
  • How to make time for self-care and creativity
  • Why it’s essential to have enough “CEO Time” in your business

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