Yoga Teacher Erica Mather moves her in-person business online {e25} 

Erica Mather is our first yoga teacher on the show! Although teaching yoga is traditionally thought an in-person service, Erica was able to translated her skill into several remotely offered services.

After teaching for several years, Erica decided she wanted more freedom and flexibility in her career, and started with a series of yoga videos before discovering that group teleclasses, an online course and even business classes for other yoga teachers were much more popular with her customers.

Erica and I talk about how creative thinking can help even “in person” businesses expand into online.  Erica shares how she was able to use her skills to create unique online services.  She’ll also go into thinking strategically about who your customer is, and how to give them what they really want.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What she learned from her first online venture
  • Unexpected difficulties in coming up with online services
  • How to find your ideal client, and create a program specifically for them
  • Creative ways in-person businesses can grow online
  • What customers SAY they want vs. what they really want.
  • How Erica stays balanced and healthy as an entrepreneur

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