{e26} Take Control of Your Time with Julie Gray 

Julie Gray is a holistic time coach who is here to help us optimize our time and energy. She’s going to share with her best tips on making the most of our time and managing our email!

In today’s discussion, Julie explains why time management doesn’t have to feel restrictive, and how intuition and a holistic approach can help us avoid getting overwhelmed with everything we have to do in our business. She’ll also help us with some specific strategies that will keep emails from taking over our lives.

We’ll also talk a lot about procrastination, tuning into your body, and finding the right blend of work-life balance for your lifestyle.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What holistic time management really means
  • How to manage your time without feeling restricted
  • How to keep from drowning in email
  • How to use your time more intentionally
  • What Julie really thinks about “work-life balance”
  • How to look at procrastination differently
  • How to tap into your intuition to help manage your time better

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