How Herbalist Melanie St. Ours Went Online, Doubled her Business and Got Better Patient Results {e23} 

On the show today I’m talking with herbalist Melanie St. Ours from Psyche and Soma. Melanie is very forward-thinking and innovative in taking her herbal medicine practice online to reach a larger audience – worldwide. It’s easy to see how we can do coaching online – but what about practitioners who have a more ‘in person’ type practice? How can they move their practice more online? Melanie shows us how.

Melanie has found that her patients get even better results with her new method than from her traditional face-to-face sessions. Her unique business approach includes skype sessions, using online tools, and packaging her services differently. Melanie also runs an online women’s health group program, and has a podcast to educate people on herbal medicine.

Melanie will share what’s worked for her herbal business, why she took her practice online, and how she gained confidence in her new method.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Melanie gets great—if not better—results from her online clients
  • Ideas for alternative packaging of services
  • How she’s adjusted her practice to suit virtual appointments
  • How her business doubled after going online
  • How she gained total confidence in the effectiveness of her unconventional approach
  • The steps you need to take if you’re thinking about taking your practice online
  • That you can make money in herbal and holistic practice, and still feel good about it
  • That case studies, checkpoints, and measuring results are critical when changing your methods

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