Get Media Coverage for Your Wellness Business with the UK’s “Queen of Holistic Living” Janey Lee Grace {e22} 

This week’s guest is Janey Lee Grace, the “Queen of Holistic Living.” She’s well-known radio and TV personality in the UK, who has also become an advocate for natural beauty.

With her expertise in media and understanding of the holistic market, Janey works with health and wellness entrepreneurs on media training and how to communicate and prepare for interviews.

Janey has seen so many guests with a great message come on her show, but without the proper preparation for the interview the message gets lost or the interview is dropped. Her mission is to help people learn the necessary communication skills so the world is able to benefit from the information they share.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What led to Janey’s passion for holistic living
  • Common mistakes she sees entrepreneurs make
  • Why “if you build it they will come” thinking can fall short
  • That it’s your duty to spread your knowledge to the world, so you must learn the necessary skills
  • Why preparation is key for interviews, and how to do it properly
  • Why you must be visible within your brand as a health and wellness entrepreneur
  • Tips on public speaking
  • How Janey stays healthy and balanced in her personal life

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