Business of being Well with Zoe and Erica of HTW {s05e08} 

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Today I have a fabulous pair of podcasters on the show: Zoe and Erica of HTW (Highway to Well) podcast. They are also the founders of BluePrint Cleanse which they started out in 2007 as cold-pressed juice company. They grew that business spectacularly and ended up selling it, and their passion moved further onto exploring the business of being well which is what their new podcast is about. So in this week’s interview we’re going to be talking about their personal journey in the wellness industry, how they started, grew and sold BluePrint, we’re also talking trends they are seeing right now in the industry that they are not too thrilled about so we are shedding some light on it through the podcast. 

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The Wellpreneur Podcast wellpreneur.com

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