Taking Optometry Online with Travis Zigler {e154} 

This week I have another inspiring interview for you with a wellpreneur who works in the part of our industry we don’t often see online. Dr. Travis Zigler is an optometrist, and he and his wife both being doctors have been running a regular on-site business and seeing clients in person. But they wanted more freedom and flexibility in their lives and they also had a really strong drive to give back to the community when it comes to eye health – because not everyone can afford to go and see an optometrist. So they decided to start an online business called Eye Love, and set up Eye Love Cares Foundation to start helping prevent blindness in the world. You’ll see how they came up with a unique way to tell people what they do, a title that that sparks a conversation and allows them to throw an amazing pitch. Travis shares how while figuring out how to work online, they first started out with sunglasses business but quickly evolved to developing and selling their own eye wellness products for dry eye and macular degeneration, so they could help more people improve their eyesight. Since then they have grown their online business exponentially, and extra profits of that business allowed them start their own charity and start providing glasses to people that cannot afford them, offer scholarships to optometry students, and finance small expeditions for treating preventable blindness. We also talk about the importance of cleaning up your email list, Facebook lives, and about their awesome content creation and SEO strategy that really helps with their Google ranking, with spending minimum $ on payed advertising. This interview will show you how they took optometry online and how any type of wellness business can be moved online as well. Whether you can offer a portion of your services that way or all of them, you can really make an impact with your work all around the world while allowing yourself more freedom and flexibility with taking your in person wellness business online.

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