Focusing on your Strengths with Jenny Tschiesche {s04e10} 

Wellpreneur: Focusing on your Strengths with Jenny Tschiesche

This week I’m talking to wellpreneur Jenny Tschiesche, the LunchBox Doctor. Jenny not only runs her LunchBox Doctor website but she’s also the best selling author, a frequent guest on local and national radio stations, TV guest in the UK, and has a fabulous public speaking career. I met Jenny in person a few weeks ago and I really wanted to bring her to the show because the amazing way she spun her career towards her strengths, being that she’s such a strong communicator and also loves to do recipe development. A brilliant example of a wellpreneur who created her business around what works best for her. We also touch on what’s it like to be working with publishers as a book author, working multiple projects at the same time and time management, personal routines to help her stay balanced, her relationship with social media + so much more!

Also, don’t forget that in our Facebook group this Tuesday (Dec 18th) is also our final 2019 planning discussion: this week we’re talking about our editorial calendar, it’s the way that you plan the next few months even the next year. So if you want to come up with the content that is really appealing to your own ideal client in the upcoming year and have a calendar to follow exactly what to create and when – join our Tuesday FB Live!

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Wellpreneur: Focusing on your Strengths with Jenny Tschiesche

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