How to Speak Your Truth and Find Your Voice with D’Arcy Webb {e189} 

This week I’m interviewing Speech Diva D’Arcy Webb and we’re talking about how to find your true voice, and how to really find the words that have power and speak your truth. Having your talk or a workshop feel like a party and using your time on stage to meaningfully convey your message is not something that comes naturally to all of us. But what if public speaking could be fun? I know that Public speaking is a big dream and a great fear for many wellpreneurs, so when I met D’Arcy I just knew I had to have her come to the show and talk about making you feel more at ease when using your voice. And this interview comes I think particularly timely because we’re approaching the time of the year when we’ll be setting new goals, and for many of you these goals may include public speaking, so this week’s chat will empower you and hopefully make you feel more at ease when using your voice to convey your message.

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