Multi-Passionate Wellness Entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson {e35} 

If you’re a wellness entrepreneur with multiple passions – you’re going to love this interview! It can be hard to know if you should focus on one thing, or if you can combine your many interests into a business. This week’s guest did just that. Today’s episode will be great for many of us who have are starting our businesses and have so many interests and feel drawn to go in multiple directions at once! Our guest shares her story of how she turned her passion for yoga into a diverse, multi-faceted company.

Kimberly Wilson did a complete career flip, working as a paralegal before opening her first yoga studio, Tranquil Space, in Washington DC. After 15 years, the business has grown to include two studios, a clothing line, a charity, online courses, a blog and podcast, and retreats around the world.

She’ll share her advice for where to start and how to branch out, and practical tips on how to start in the many different directions that reflect all of your interests.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to decide the theme of your wellness business when you have many different interests
  • Why starting small, and organic growth is so much easier and better in the long-run
  • Why podcasting and writing a book are such rewarding and creative options for wellness entrepreneurs
  • Why you’ll want to give your followers many options for connecting and working with you
  • Tips on creating your first e-course based on your in-person skills

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