Get Started as a Health Coach with Michelle Pfennighaus {e137} 

My very first interview on The Wellpreneur Podcast happened exactly 3.5 years ago, and my first guest was Michelle Pfennighaus from Find Your Balance Health.

I am really thrilled to have Michelle back on the podcast today to talk about how health coaching has evolved during this time, to share how her own business has changed, and give some fresh advice to new health coaches.

If you are a Health Coach who just finished your health coaching training certification, or if you’re wondering if you should become a health coach – you are going to love this episode!

BecAside from being a health coach herself, Michelle’s specialty is working with start-up health coaches. As a Nutrition Coach and a graduate of IIN with 10 years of practice, Michelle today talks about her beginnings and what she recommends to new coaches when starting their business now: we discuss how to choose the right way to put your content out there, the best ways to build relationships with your prospect clients (podcast vs. blogging, using Facebook Live, Workshops, Webinars etc.), and things you DON’T really need to start coaching. Join our conversation now!

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