Decluttering your Business {e138} 

This week we are talking about a subject that’s really close to my heart – decluttering! And I’m not just talking about the things that surround you, but about decluttering your business and all digital aspects of it, that even though are not taking up any physical space can really weigh on you mentally. We unintentionally let it happen because online work seams so easy and because there are so many ways to make money online. But keeping track of all your offers, eBooks, affiliates and staying on top of all your tasks just consumes more and more of you every day. When I released The Wellpreneur Book in March I felt really overwhelmed and really needed to take some time to myself. I hadn’t even realized how much pressure I’ve put on myself while preparing the book launch, so when it finally came out I was so exhausted that I’ve taken the entire month of April off. And that’s when I had a big wake up call about how I needed to slow down and simplify my business and my life again. During that time I have identified 4 different areas of my work life that I have been consciously decluttering ever since: Email, Finances, Work Space, and Weekly Recurring Tasks. You will hear my advice on how to get each of them organized, so if you feel like you need to bring some order in your business and find more balance, this episode is for you!

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