{e166} Intuitive Business with Holly Worton 

How do you make decisions in your business: with your mind or with your gut? In this week’s episode I’m speaking with Holly Worton about how to incorporate more intuition into your business. And if you feel like you don’t have it in you and if your overly academic mind is not allowing you tune into your body and what it’s trying to tell you, you’ll find this really interesting. As someone who was not really in tune with her body, Holly shares on how she awakened her own intuition, small practices you can do to start listening to your inner self, and how to distinguish a good intuitive feeling from making impulsive decisions that feel right but are actually awaken by fear. We talk about how nurturing business intuition can really make a positive impact on your business and your life and make taking action in your business so much easier. And all it takes is to start trusting yourself and your feelings.

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