{e131} Using Intuition in your Business 

I’m just back from an amazing conference in Bangkok, where my favorite workshop was about Business Intuition, hosted by Michael Smith. During a break we recorded a short conversation about using intuition in your business – from making decisions to hiring to attracting ideal clients. Who knew that intuition could be so practical. And it also takes the pressure off having to ‘figure out’ the ‘right answer’ – instead, use intuition to guide you. It feels easy and effortless … and it works.

Also this week I’m excited to announce a new sponsor for the Wellpreneur Podcast – Swellby.com! They’re a new online marketplace for wellness practitioners – check them out here.

And finally, on October 31, 2016, the price is going up on Marketing Bootcamp! So get your copy now to create marketing that works for your business and helps you reach more people!

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  • Marketing Bootcamp
  • {NEW SPONSOR!} Swellby is an online marketplace that can help our wellness listeners (you) market your business by listing your business on their site so patients & clients can find you there. Check it out here:

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