Planning a Successful Retreat with Triptribe {e52} 

Have you ever thought of running a retreat for your health & wellness business? It’s a dream of many wellpreneurs to get paid to teach what they love around the world. But planning a retreat can be really intimidating – how do you know where to go? How do you work out the logistics? And how do you get people there? This week I’m talking with TripTribe, a company that handles all the logistics so you only need to show up and teach. The TripTribe team shares their best retreat planning tips with us, as well as some of their favorite locations. If you’ve ever dreamed of planning a retreat, you won’t want to miss our conversation.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What makes successful retreats?
  • How to start planning your retreat?
  • Best practices of promoting your retreat
  • How to decide where to go? (They reveal their favorite locations too!)
  • The common mistakes of retreat organizers
  • Get actionable steps to start planning for your next retreat!

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