How Health Coach Jennifer Fugo got on the Dr. Oz show (and got 18k Facebook Likes in one year!) {e04} 

This week I’m talking with Health Coach Jennifer Fugo from Gluten Free School.

This woman is a powerhouse and an inspiration. Jennifer recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show, and got 18,000 Likes on her Facebook page within one year!

Our conversation is absolutely packed with tips and concrete advice. You’ll especially like Jennifer’s approach to Facebook (which is probably different from what you’re doing now!) and how Jennifer learned PR strategies to get massive publicity for her business and establish expert status.  She also cuts through fluffy advice to share specific steps you need to take to be successful in your wellness business.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School, a website dedicated to teaching gluten-sensitive individuals commonsense, simple and powerful steps to get healthy. She’s a certified Health Coach named a “Gluten Free Guru” by Philadelphia Magazine who co-hosts the popular “Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse” to empowers gluten-free folks to take control of their diet, feel great and kick their sugar habit.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • how Jennifer got 18,000 Facebook fans in one year
  • Why you should look at your online products like stepping stones
  • How she approaches Facebook differently – and it works!
  • How she landed an appearance on the Dr. Oz show with no PR agency or PR budget!
  • How to use other people’s expertise to grow your email list
  • Her 3 tips for getting started with your wellness business online

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