{e03} Michelle Pfennighaus on creating a business that fits around family life 

This week I’m talking with Michelle Pfennighaus from Find Your Balance Health.

Michelle is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who runs the popular “Reinvent Yourself” 21-day Detox (including special “behind the scenes” access for health coaches.)

I love Michelle’s keep it simple approach to running her online business, and how she fits her business around her family life.

If you want to combine business and family, you’re going to love our conversation.

(This is the very first interview I recorded, so audio quality in this episode isn’t great – but the content is so good I know you’ll enjoy it anyway!)

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • how becoming a mother pushed her business 100% online
  • how she used twitter to find an opportunity that was the turning point in her business
  • how she creates successful online programs
  • Michelle’s tips for creating your first online program
  • how you can create an online program, even if you’re a techno-phobe,
  • why more technology might not be better!

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