{e02} Online Programs and Listbuilding with Rachel Feldman 

This week I’m talking with Rachel Feldman, a Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in healthy digestion. But she’s also known for her done-for-you Detox programs and business coaching to health & wellness solopreneurs. In this episode we’re discussing listbuilding – and Rachel shares specific strategies on how you can build your list from scratch.

Rachel is really generous in sharing her experience and advice in this episode, so you’ll come away with lots of tips you can put into action right away to grow your email list and your business!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • how Rachel started her business with 2 little kids and in a brand new city!
  • why she believes it’s important to have active and passive income in your business,
  • the difference between successful health coaches, and everyone else,
  • why you don’t need a big list, to start getting clients
  • her aha moment on how to write an opt-in freebie,
  • how she surveys her audience, without sending a survey
  • and her 3 steps to creating a successful online program

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