{e88} Acupuncturist Kit Yoon Grows Online Through a Clean Eating Challenge #realwellpreneur 

This week we’ve got a super actionable interview with Acupuncturist Kit Yoon, who shares how she’s growing her online presence through a free Clean Eating Challenge. Kit was starting to feel restricted by her in-person practice, and wanted to add a way to support her patients both between visits and when she wasn’t available in-person by adding online programs. Kit shares how she created a Clean Eating Challenge as a free program, which recently had 40 people sign up – and then which led to filling her paid weight loss program. In this interview you’ll learn exactly how Kit created the challenge, the technical pieces you need to run one yourself, and also get a big dose of inspiration for taking your in-person business online. Plus, as an avid podcast listener, Kit shares her favorite can’t-miss shows.

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