{e22} Tips from Social Media Maven Laura Roeder 

Most of us are already using social media, but how effective is it for your business, and how can you improve your strategy?

That’s what we’ll be discussing today with social media maven Laura Roeder! Most of you are probably already familiar with Laura and LKR Social Media. She’s created numerous online programs to train small business owners in using social media for their online marketing.

Today Laura will be giving us some really useful tips on social media, how she developed her business, and she’ll also give us some suggestions for further reading.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to stop wasting time, find a good work flow, and use social media effectively for your business
  • Which platforms to focus on, and how to decide
  • Why it’s not that important to be on the cutting edge with new developments in social media
  • How to make your job easier with social media automation tools
  • How to find the balance between personal and professional use of social media for your business
  • The big turning points for Laura’s business and how she became successful
  • Why it’s important to get outside help with your business early, before you think you need it
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to tap into your wacky, off-the-wall business ideas
  • How to find a niche for your program
  • Laura’s book recommendations

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