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Wellpreneur: Freedom and Flexibility

Welcome back to the first episode of the Season 4 of The Wellpreneur Podcast! Hope you had a nice season break and had a chance to catch up on some of the previous episodes you may have missed. I recently gave a talk at the first ever UK Health Coaches Association Conference about Freedom and Flexibility in your health and wellness business, and it really resonated with wellpreneurs so I wanted to kick off this new season with offering some ideas and advice today with all of you listening about how you can make some more freedom and flexibility in your own lives and businesses. I’m all about freedom and flexibility, and that’s how I intentionally designed by business and my life, so if you are aspiring towards that you are really going to enjoy today’s episode. And because being more free and flexible means something different to each one of us, I’ll be talking about shifting your perception towards what it means to you and how you can take actions towards designing your life and business towards your own goals. So tune in! 🙂

And I know there’s a lot of new listeners out there because in the meanwhile we became available on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and most recently Spotify – and a lot of you don’t know yet that there’s another awesome way to connect with us and the rest of the wellness community alongside listening to the show and that’s by joining our Wellpreneur Community on Facebook that already counts over 4,000 health and wellness industry experts. As I often record the episodes from my apartment in London, sometimes it’s easy to forget how inspiring the show and the community have been to so many people and how this can actually impact your life. I had an experience recently just a couple of weeks ago where I spoke at the first ever UK Health Coaches Association Conference (and I rarely go to speaking events) and I met a lot of listeners, and signed tons of books which made me realize just how much they impacted someone’s life and career and I was so happy to connect with other wellpreneurs. Being location independent and having the ability to work from home or anywhere is wonderful, but I also really recommend getting out there and meeting your people and your peers in person too. In fact I plan on taking my own advice and do more events in 2019 at various locations, and I already lined up a few in the next couple of months so I’d love to meet all of you who can join me!

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