How to Use Video for your Business with Ben Dziwulski {e226} 

In today’s episode, Amanda reminds us of her interview with Ben Dziwulski, which took place in 2018, but it is still relevant today. Ben is an online CrossFit coach who started from scratch and built a YouTube community of 114000 subscribers, which makes him an expert on the subject of using videos to grow your business! Tune in to this conversation and learn how to carve out your niche, how to acquire and hold on to your audience by keeping them engaged, and how to stay consistent over time. Furthermore, you will find out how to join Alchemy and Action community, a place filled with people who want to learn and grow.

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 01:50 – What Ben’s business is
  • 07:46 – How to carve out your niche
  • 08:51 – How did Ben use video for growing his business
  • 10:40 – Ben’s suggestion for making shareable videos
  • 13:17 – Explain it the way that 5 years old would understand
  • 17:13 – Why it is important to stay consistent
  • 20:35 – The team behind Ben’s success
  • 28:30 – Ben’s book recommendation
  • 30:35 – How does Ben manage his work?
  • 33:51 – Ben’s advice to the people who are starting their business
  • 36:36 – How to find Ben

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