Social Media and Personal Branding with Esther Jacobs {e181} 

We did it! We’ve reached the finale of another season of The Wellpreneur Podcast, and it’s been so much fun bringing you all these diverse groups of guests talking about how you can grow your wellness business online, and create a brand and business that really fits you. I feel like one of the main themes this season has been branding and thinking beyond what you see on Instagram and copying what other people do. Instead we focused on crafting businesses and brands that fit us and our unique strengths. So to round up this set of interviews I really wanted to do an interview with Esther Jacobs, a truly inspiring digital nomad who calls herself ‘the no excuses lady’. We met at a conference in Bangkok where I was really amazed with how she created this business that totally fits her and what she loves to do instead of focusing on a specific niche, which allowed her to create products and services in a variety of areas all around no excuses. She is one of the most ‘can do’ positive people that I know, and  has a unique ability to bring in not just the sense of WOW in people, but inspire concrete ideas of what you can really do to get started on some project. I know you’ll just love hearing story of how she got started with her business and personal brand, and what you should be thinking about when figuring out how to position your business. We’re talking about how to bring your strengths into your business and just work in a way that feels natural and fun, how to not get stuck in a small niche, and you’ll also hear tons of valuable tips on growing your tribe and social media strategy. What I also find interesting lately is asking established online entrepreneurs what would they be doing if they were just starting out their online career, so Esther and I have a great conversation around that today. I feel like this interview is such a strong way to finish out our season and leave you with some good food for thought about how your business fits YOU. Because the reason why so many of us wanted to start our own businesses is this possibility of creating something we can do with the flow, something that feels easy and natural, and I believe this interview will help you move more towards that direction if you got lost somewhere along the way. Because we don’t want to feel like we’re struggling, we want to make impact in the world by doing something that we love, and even if we do work a lot – we want to do it in a fun, passionate way!

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