Real Wellpreneur: Aviva Romm {s03e11} 

I have been saving a fantastic interview for you this late in the season! My this week’s guest is Aviva Romm, Medical Doctor, herbalist, midwife, author of multiple books, courses and really focuses on women’s and children’s health. Now being that she is such an amazing wellpreneur I have known about Aviva for a while now, but what really made me really want to have her on the podcast is when I picked up a copy of her book The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution. And having worked with my own thyroid issues a few years back, by going through it I really wished this book was available back then. So we are kicking it off today by discussing thyroid and stress, why there are so many adrenal/thyroid issues these days in general, and especially in the entrepreneurial community. Because she’s a wellpreneur herself we also touch on her routines as an entrepreneur, how she’s found time to build self-care and downtime into her work schedule, and how to keep social media from taking over your life. What’s also incredible is that Aviva and her husband run her entire business, so she’s just now in the process of building a team so we talk a lot about that because what from outside looks like she has a big team running her online presence so far have been just the two of them. And it always amazes me how in fact we can make a huge impact in the world without making huge investments, but just by yourself or with a help of your friend or family member, from your computer. I know you are going to love this episode, so I welcome you to continuing the discussion about it over in our Wellpreneur community on Facebook.

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