{e153} Being Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears 

This week I have an awesome guest for you, someone you probably know very well from his hilarious videos How to be Ultra Spiritual – JP Sears. What you may not know is that JP started off as a wellpreneur. At first he was interested in nutrition, fitness and stress relief but he eventually got to Emotional Coaching. And that’s what he had been doing for years teaching people how to get more in touch with their emotions and heal trough emotional healing techniques. What you also may not be familiar with is that JP was first making serious YouTube videos about spirituality and only 3 years ago decided to test with making a funny video and express his sense of humor, which is when things really took off. So today we are going way back to before he became Ultra Spiritual to talk about how his career changed over time and how he decided to try something new that may have destroyed his career- but he did it anyway, and the results have been incredible. Stay tuned!

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