Health Coaching and Health Care with Dr. Chatterjee {e192} 

Happy New Year and welcome to our Season 4 Finale! What an incredible year this has been! At Wellpreneur we interviewed the most amazing guests, released The Wellpreneur Planner and I had the pleasure of speaking at some pretty great events, one of which was UK Health Coaches Association Conference.

The keynote speaker at the conference was Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, British physician, author, TV presenter, and podcaster, best known for his TV show Doctor in the House. He’s also the resident doctor on the BBC1 breakfast show and a frequent radio guest and author of the bestselling book called The 4 Pillar Plan, and as we are recording this fantastic interview he is releasing his latest book The Stress Solution.

But the main reason I called Dr. Chatterjee on the show is that he is a wellpreneur.

As a physician he is regularly seeing patients, but what makes him a wellpreneur is the fact that he is looking at his career in a different light and he wanted to see how he could impact the most people, so today he is sharing his amazing career path from GP to reaching people on a much larger level: through television, radio, writing and podcasting.

The other reason I was so eager to interview Dr. Chatterjee is that he is a huge fan of health coaching and strongly advocates for it to become integrated into mainstream healthcare, and because his books are such useful tools to wellpreneurs out there.

It’s really great to see such an influential physician talking about how health coaches and doctors can work together, not only in the UK, but in variety of other health care systems where doctors are either overworked, or they don’t have the time or training to help patients make the lifestyle change which is where health coaches can provide the most value.

His vision is that there will be a health coach in every doctor’s office within the next few years.

We also talk about stress today, and the way Dr. Chatterjee is managing stress himself and how he is helping others reduce it. What I really liked is the idea of touch and using touch to help reduce stress. There’s a lot of goodness in this episode so grab a cup of tea and join our conversation.

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