{e154} No More Click Bait with Stella Orange 

Today we’re joined by copywriter and wordsmith Stella Orange. If you cringe when you see cheesy Facebook Ads or hear things like “loose 50 lbs by just drinking this shake”, or any of those click bait articles that say how you have to make listicles – you are going to love this episode! There may be a different way to reach your audience than having to use scam-y high pressure scales. Stella is here to give us a fresh perspective on how we can do good and effective copywriting for our business, meaning how to create all of our ads, promotions, website copy, our sales pages. Stella is sharing how actually by pushing the triggers that, as she says “touch people’s pain” you may be attracting wrong clients to your business. So this episode will be particularly interesting to advanced wellpreneurs who already have website and know their audience because it really offers some different perspective on how to approach your marketing and copywriting.

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