Wellness at work: Corporate Wellness Services with Sophia Rose {e163} 

This week we’re talking about wellness at work! Corporate wellness services is such a hot area in the wellness industry right now because businesses around the world are becoming more aware of the simple fact that if their employees are healthy – they will be more productive at work. And this opens awesome opportunities for YOU, the wellpreneur, because in addition to doing your 1 on 1 coaching and work with individuals, you can now actually start working with companies. My guest today is the wellpreneur who made a transition from working in the legal industry to being self-employed wellpreneur and starting her own corporate wellness business – Sophia Rose of Esprit de Core! Sophia is a Pilates and Yoga instructor and she shares today not only about her major career shift towards becoming a wellpreneur, but also how she approaches the corporate wellness market, how she feels about effective sales of wellness services specifically in the corporate world, and her personal practices just around life as a wellpreneur. We tap into the need to maintain your own practice, stay mindful and deal with the stress and anxiety that comes up from running your own business.

As always I’m sharing with you some of my favorite resources that help me run my own business, well businesses really, and my tool pick of the week is my web hosting provider WPX Hosting. Because website hosting determines how fast your website is, but also includes security features so your website doesn’t get hacked, you don’t lose any backups and that if anything happens and your website does go down, you can recover from it quickly. Tune in and learn more from this episode’s intro and take away from my own experience and hear my techie tip of the week!

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  • UPDATE: WPX Hosting is our top choice in 2020 for wellness entrepreneurs. Their WordPress Hosting is fast and affordable, with excellent customer support!

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