Health Coach Solutions “Business Success Bundle” Review 2024 

Building a successful health coaching practice is about more than just having an effective program to offer your clients. You’ve got to have the marketing system in place to find new clients in the first place!

And marketing needs content.

You’re going to need to build an email list, send them helpful information, give workshops or webinars, and offer programs to work with you a different price points. That’s a lot of content to create at the start of your business – and a major reason why many new health coaches never start their business, because they feel overwhelmed by everything they need to create and never begin!

Previously I’ve reviewed two Done for You programs by Health Coach Solutions – the complete 6-month Coach with Confidence program, and the 30-day Jumpstart program. But now they’ve released a new Business Success Bundle which includes 5 DFY programs at a reduced price. So I’ve graciously been given access to these programs to review the materials for the wellpreneur community!

The Business Success Bundle includes everything you need to start your health coaching business and create online health coaching programs (well, except for a website!) You’ll get an email opt-in freebie plus five follow-up emails, 5 blog posts, a complete workshop or webinar, the 30-day program and a complete 6-month coaching program!

And if you read to the bottom of the post, I have a special coupon code for wellpreneurs to get a discount off the Business Success Bundle!

Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for Health Coach Solutions, so if you purchase through my link, I may receive a commission – however this doesn’t change the price to you, and all the opinions contained here are my own!

Health Coach Solutions “Business Success Bundle” – What’s Inside

As a Done For You program bundle, these programs contains both the program materials to use with your clients, as well as marketing materials and instructions to help YOU as the coach to promote and run the program.  You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group with the Health Coach Solutions team to get support as you’re marketing and running your coaching program!

The Business Success Bundle includes 5 Done-For-You programs:

  • Blog Posts: The blog post bundle – 5 blog posts, 500-800 words each covering topics like hormones and weight, exercise, meal planning, eating healthy while traveling and eating more fruits and vegetables. They are designed to educate, inform and inspire your potential clients about living a healthier lifestyle.
  • 7-Day online challenge: Challenges are one of the best ways to build the trusting bond with your audience, and “7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge” included in this bundle is a great way to create that bond with your audience and lead them to your paid programs You’ll get all you need to launch, promote and run a successful Facebook challenge.
  • Recipe Guide: 60 simple and delicious recipes, with calorie and macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) breakdown for each meal.
  • 30-day Jumpstart Online Group Program (I’ve previously reviewed the Jumpstart here)
  • 6-month Coach with Confidence program (I’ve previously reviewed Coach with Confidence here) – of course you could also use the first half of this program to offer as a 3-month program, so you have options for your clients.
  • Support in a private Facebook group so you know how to implement and use everything included. I’m a member of this Facebook group and I have to say it is SO supportive and responsive. If you have any questions or uncertainty about running your program, this group will help you with a successful launch!

Health Coach Solutions “Business Success Bundle” – The Good.

As soon as you open the Business Success Bundle, you know where to start, because there’s a “Start Here” document! I really like that in this document they outline the overall approach to building a health coaching business, so you understand WHY you need each of the programs in this bundle. If you’ve studied any online marketing you’ll be familiar with the approach: Attract potential clients, build a relationship, short term program, long term / premium program. And this bundle offers materials to use in each phase of this funnel.

Here’s what I like about the Business Success Bundle:

  • As I’ve covered in-depth in my previous reviews, I LOVE the Coach with Confidence and 30-Day Jumpstart programs. They’re professional, well-paced, engaging programs with broad health coaching appeal. These two programs are the biggest strength of this bundle – you’re going to want both of them, so why not get them at a discounted bundle price, PLUS additional resources? Even if you have an existing program already, you can supplement or customize your program using these Done for You materials.
  • The bundle includes content for each phase of building a business, from finding potential clients to nurturing leads to delivering a complete 6 month program.
  • All of the documents are editable (as PowerPoint or Microsoft Word), so you can add your own branding, or adjust the contents to your own wellness philosophy.
  • 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge is really a complete package – from the Facebook posts and daily emails with content you need for the challenge, over social media promo posts and graphics to post in your Facebook group for each daily habit, to compelling sample sales page. It’s all there! Many wellpreneurs get stuck on what to deliver as a challenge, so this is a great starting point.
  • You could rename / rebrand any of these programs to feel more “You”. It’s easy to update and adapt the materials included in this package.
  • The private Facebook Group for Health Coach Solutions customers is fabulous, active and honestly incredibly supportive and useful. Definitely take advantage of this group if you buy one of their programs.

I really like that everything is customizable to your brand.

I can see coaches running this almost as-is (simply adding their name + URL to the bottom of the guides), and others spending more time customizing it to their specific wellness philosophies.  Either way it would save hours and hours of time over creating your own program!

Health Coach Solutions “Business Success Bundle” – The Bad.

First I want to mention the downside of ANY Done-For-You program: it’s not going to fit your wellness philosophy 100%! There are so many approaches to wellness, there’s no way one program can meet everyone’s needs. However, I find the Health Coach Solutions programs to be really sensible, broadly holistic health approaches which covers food, lifestyle, exercise, stress and more. These programs cover the basics that your clients need to know to make healthy, sustainable lifestyle change.

A few other negatives to be aware of:

  • I’m not a fan of pre-written blog content. I’m biased because I’m a real online content marketing geek, but Google penalizes websites who re-publish identical articles. So I would not run these blog posts as-is on my website. They still have value, but I recommend using them in your email newsletters, editing the content to match your own voice/philosophy before publishing on your blog, or even using them as a part of an email opt-in gift.
  • The challenge email sequence is really basic. That’s fine if you’re just starting out, because it gives you a template to follow to craft your own emails, but suggest revising these emails to be in your own voice, so they sound like they’re coming from you!
  • Clients always want recipes!  And HCS listened – as of this year, they have updated this bundle with a recipe guide, which is awesome, you get 60 free delicious recipes. BUT they are all whole food recipes, which may not fit your specific wellness philosophy.

Health Coach Solutions “Business Success Bundle” – The Verdict

The Business Success Bundle includes 5 programs. Two of these programs, the 6-month Coach with Confidence and 30-day Jumpstart programs are absolute must-haves if you want a quick start to your wellness business. The 7 day online challenge is also very good.

I’m less excited about the recipes and the blog posts. I think there is value in these for their content. I’d recommend using this content as a starting point to customize the opt-in guide, and blog content. You want to add a bit of your own personality and voice to these materials to really engage people with your brand. But you certainly could use the recipe guide as an opt-in gift as-is for a few months, while you’re getting your own ready to go!

You’re definitely going to want the Jumpstart and the Coach with Confidence programs. You could buy them separately, but if you’re going to get both, and think you’d also find the Challenge useful – then it makes sense to go for the bundle.

The bundle is also right for a completely new coach starting who needs everything, from email opt-ins to newsletter content to workshop slides to a program.

How to Buy the “Business Success Bundle”

Use this special coupon code for wellpreneur readers to save $100 off the Business Success Bundle (which includes 6 month coaching guide, recipe guide, online group challenge, 7 day challenge and the blog post bundle) when purchasing via my link below: “Amanda100” (this coupon code is case sensitive) the bundle for $100 off

You can purchase the Health Coach Solutions Business Success Bundle Here!

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