That Clean Life Meal Planning App Review 2022 

When you’re working with clients on improving their health and wellness, one request comes up over and over again: meal plans. Clients LOVE meal plans. But creating a customized meal plan for each client is a huge amount of work. That’s why I’ve been really enthusiastic about following the meal planning app That Clean Life, and how it can make creating meal plans for clients so much easier.

I was given access to an account of That Clean Life so I could try it myself – and here’s my review of their meal planning app.

Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for That Clean Life, so if you purchase through my link, I may receive a commission – however this doesn’t change the price to you, and all the opinions contained here are my own!

That Clean Life Meal Planning App – What Do You Get?

That Clean Life is a web app which can be used by professionals (wellpreneurs!) or individuals who want to do their own meal planning. We’ll focus on using it as a wellness professional.

Here’s what’s included in the That Clean Life meal planning app:

  • Library of Original Recipes with new recipes added each week. Gorgeous photos. More on this later.
  • Shopping lists, so your clients know exactly what to buy for that week.
  • Nutrition information which adjusts if you make changes to any of the recipes.
  • Over 50 pre-made programs and diets that you can use with your clients (or you can create a customized one, of course)
  • Ability to Modify recipes to fit your client’s needs. And when you make a change, the nutrition information automatically adjusts.
  • Beautiful, clean design and everything is printer-friendly.
  • Easily scale the number of servings of each recipe.
  • Brand your meal plans by customizing the colors and adding your logo.
  • Filter recipes by calories, fat, carbs, protein, dairy free, preparation time, including/excluding certain ingredients and more!
  • See comments from other members about specific recipes.
  • Mobile friendly app, so you can use it on your computer or mobile device.

Beautiful Photographs for Each Original Recipe

Aside from the gorgeous user interface of That Clean Life, this app really shines in the quality of the recipes and the professional presentation. These recipes are Instagram-worthy! And beautiful photos do help entice your clients to actually try the recipes. Just have a look at a few examples…

All the recipes are original, developed, tested and photographed in house by the That Clean Life team. These are recipes your clients won’t find elsewhere, and really add a unique, customized, professional element to your client programs.

Over 50 Pre-Made Programs and Diets

Of course, you can create your own meal plans from scratch and even add your own recipes. BUT, why reinvent the wheel if there’s already a pre-made program which fits your client’s needs?

That Clean Life comes with over 50 premade programs which you can use as-is – BUT here’s the cool part: You can also use them as a starting point, and then customize one of the programs to fit that specific client. This feature saves tons of time!

Multiple Views, Filters and Shopping Lists to Make Meal Planning Easier

When you’re putting together a meal plan, you have a variety of views and filters to find recipes, and make sure the overall meal plan is balanced.

You could filter for recipes based on type of diet, foods to include or exclude, time to prepare or more.

Then as you’re looking at the overall meal plan, you can easily rearrange recipes across different days or meals, and even include eating “leftovers” for some of the meals to save time for your clients (and eliminate foods waste!)

Each recipe can be emailed or downloaded as a PDF, including your branding if you want.

Want to Try That Clean Life for Your Clients?

If you’d like to try the That Clean Life meal planning app for yourself, you can sign up here.

The That Clean Life team has also put together this free guide for wellpreneurs on how to integrate meal planning into your wellness business.

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