Visibility & Alignment with Eleanor Beaton {e210} 

“To me, alignment is being in the state of total integrity.”, Eleanor Beaton This week Amanda interviews Eleanor Beaton, an internationally-recognized expert in women’s leadership, and an advisor to growth-oriented women entrepreneurs. She has served as chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management and sits on the board of directors of two Canadian venture capital organizations. Furthermore, Eleanor is the host and executive producer of a top-ranked podcast for women entrepreneurs, Fierce Feminine Leadership. In the last episode of this season, Amanda and Eleanor discuss visibility in your business, as well as why you should simplify it and align with it. More specifically, you will learn what is Radical Conviction, how to handle being under the spotlight, why working more does not mean earning more, how Eleanor’s business was doubled thanks to pruning her work, how she copes with email and social media, and many more!

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