Align Your Life & Work {e240} 

“We are here now, We are present, and We are living it!“ Amanda Cook

In this week’s episode, Amanda shows a glimpse of what ALIGNMENT is, by teaching us to be present, integrated, and on a right track in life and work… With EASE and FLOW! Furthermore, our host shares a personal journey, during which she found a system of 5 strategies that will help you shift into Alignment. More precisely, you’ll find out how: to feel grounded and centered, to create spaces of mindfulness, to connect with the cycle of nature, to hear the nudges from your inner voice, and learn to give meaning to your everyday routines. Last but not least, you can take action right after the show and sign up for a new 5-day guided experience called (RE)ALIGN – it’s FREE to join!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • The differences between Alignment and Unalignment
  • The types of Life Seasons
  • Scary Excited: How to be drawn and attracted after coming out of the Comfort Zone
  • How to move (back) in Alignment; Where do you start?
  • The 5 Elements of Alignment
  • Rooted: How to be grounded, centered, and present
  • Spaciousness: How to create spaces of quiet mindfulness in mind and life
  • Seasonal Rhythms: The role and power of natural cycle
  • Intuition: How to hear whispers and nudges from inner-self and inner-voice wisdom
  • Rituals: How to give magic and meaning to your everyday routines and habits
  • What are all the little steps you can make to create moments of calm?
  • FREE to Join: How you can sign up for a new 5-day guided experience – (RE)ALIGN

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