Finding Clients with Sofia Health {e241} 

“Making health easy and accessible to consumers.” Riley Rees

In today’s episode, Charlie discusses with Riley Rees, the founder of the Sofia Health platform, how wellness entrepreneurs can go about finding clients.

More specifically, you’ll hear how Sofia Health helps people overcome their struggles when it comes to finding the right kind wellness solution for them.

You’ll find out about Riley’s background and how she designed an online & wellness marketplace that connects clients and health coaches. And you will learn who to trust when it comes to your health, how the holistic approach replaces shuffling between doctors, and how the Sofia platform has made health easy and accessible to consumers.


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What you will hear in this episode:

  • Who is Riley Rees, the founder of Sofia Health
  • How Sofia Health came into being and what the mission of SH is
  • Eye-opening: How searching for help and care inspired Riley to start a business
  • How Sofia’s holistic approach replaced shuffling between doctors
  • Business in a Box: How does the SH platform work for health coaches
  • How to make Health easy and accessible to consumers
  • All in one place: How Sofia Health ecosystem benefits the coaches and practitioners
  • The rise of the Wellness industry in difficult times
  • Enlightenment: Do we look more to our health & wellness in the COVID-19 era?
  • What builds consumer awareness and how to find clients
  • How you can get 3 months of Sofia Health FREE with Wellpreneur

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