Should I Start a Facebook Group for my Wellness Business? {247} 

“You can’t create a successful group if you’re trying to appeal to everyone. You need to understand who your target and focus are.” Charlie Edge This week on the podcast we are talking all that you wanted to know about Facebook groups. Everybody knows they can be a fantastic marketing tool to attract and nurture the audience, and so many new Wellness entrepreneurs use them, but – is it the same for everyone? If you’re just starting and wondering if the Facebook group is the right thing for your business, stick around! We got 3 key questions you need to answer before starting a group and opening a new chapter for your Wellness business. Take your audience on the journey to know you, like, and trust you! And that’s not all! Here at Wellpreneur, we’re taking a group of new Wellness businesses through our Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp program, and you can find all about that in episode links. So, here we go!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • All about Facebook (FB) groups as a marketing tool
  • What kind of a FB group is right for your type of Wellness business
  • The Survey: How many Wellness entrepreneurs think FB is working well for them?
  • How to catch (and sustain) the audience attention online
  • What does marketing gurus suggest on how to get organic reach and engagement?
  • 3 key questions to answer before you start a FB group for your business
  • Know your target audience: Who is your group for?
  • Is it the right time to create the group? Do you have your Lead Magnet?
  • Set a clear system: How can you best use your time in the group?
  • Go Live: Quickest ways to make group work for you
  • How much “FREE” you should be?

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