The Best Health Coaching Templates 2024 

Health Coaching templates are done-for-you programs and materials that you can use in your wellness business. Here at Wellpreneur we’ve been supporting wellness entrepreneurs since 2013. In this article we’ll share our favorite templates for health and wellness coaches, to give your business a jump start.

Why would you want to use health coaching templates?

As a health coach, you’ll need programs, forms and materials to use with your health coaching clients. This is the case whether you’re a new coach, or an established coach.

New coaches often spend months creating a health coaching program that fits their wellness brand and philosophy. The problem is – it’s hard to create a great coaching program if you’ve never worked with clients! And difficult to justify spending all that time if you’re not making any revenue.

Instead, I recommend that new health coaches start with health coaching templates. These are often presented as a complete done-for-you health coaching program. These templates save you tons of time so you can immediately start working with clients – and you can always tailor the materials over time.

Established health coaches have a different challenge. We know that your previous and current clients are often your best customers. But to keep your business growing, you need something else to sell them! That’s where health coaching templates and done-for-you coaching programs can be a huge asset for the experienced health coach. You can take one of these coaching templates and use it as a new program to offer your clients right away without spending weeks or months creating a new program.

Using health coaching templates saves you time, gives a professional feel and lets you focus on working with clients instead of creating materials.

What are health coaching templates?

Health coaching templates are complete coaching programs that you can use out of the box with your clients. There are different lengths of programs, from short 7-day health coaching challenges to complete 6 month coaching programs and variations in between. These templates will have plain branding, which you can use as-is, or you can add your own logo and color scheme.

Health coaching templates are also called done-for-you coaching programs.

The best health coaching templates 2024

When you’re looking for a health coaching template for your business, you want to look for:

  • A complete coaching program that you can use out of the box with your clients
  • Ability to customize and brand the materials
  • Client-facing materials such as worksheets and recipes
  • Marketing materials to help you promote and sell the program such as graphics and email swipe text
  • And ideally support from the creator, so you can ask questions and connect with other coaches.

Our favorite health coaching templates are created by Health Coach Solutions. There are several coaching templates of varying length and focus, and they have an incredibly helpful group on Facebook to answer any questions.

We’ve extensively reviewed the programs available – read our reviews here:

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Free Health Coaching Templates

Health Coach Solutions also offers a bundle of free health coaching templates to get you started which includes:

  • Health Coach Discovery Session Guide with Scripting
  • Food Diary template
  • Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Exercise Log template
  • Coaching Session Template, and More!

Sign up here to get your copy of the free health coach toolkit.

Health coaching templates save a lot of time and effort for both new and established coaches. Check out the templates today and get ready to offer a new program to your clients right away!

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