Should You Use a “Done For You” Program for Health Coaches? 

Using a “Done For You” health coaching program can be a tempting option as a new health coach. But is it right for you? I’ll explore the pros and cons and help you make a decision in this post.

The thing is – there is a LOT to do when you’re starting a new health coaching business.

Of course, you need to find clients. That’s the top priority. But once you find those clients, you need some kind of program to deliver to them. So, should you spend time first creating your ultimate health coaching program, even though you might not have clients to use it?

Or should you spend time building a website and getting business cards? (Hint: these two should NOT be your top priority). Or what about attracting an audience online and getting email subscribers?

A “Done For You” health coaching program can fill the gap.

Yes, ultimately, you’ll want to create your own health coaching program to use with your clients. A program that’s fully aligned with your beliefs, healthy tips and habits and favorite recipes.

But it doesn’t make sense to spend time and money creating a program when you don’t have any clients yet as a health and wellness coach.

Plus, it’s only by working with your first clients that you’ll actually learn what really works, and what doesn’t, to get your clients to change their health habits.

So, a DFY health coaching program can fill that gap, and let you get started coaching, while you’re still developing your own system and building up its effectiveness.

What Is a “Done For You” Health Program?

“Done For You” programs are simply programs that have been developed by someone else. They are then offered to other health coaches in the business. With this type of program, you can find yourself saving time as a health coach so you can instead use your energy for getting clients. With these programs, you will have that free time and won’t find yourself stuck at a computer developing your own programs and curriculum.

The Pros of “Done For You” Programs for Health Coaches

  • It’s Ready to Use! Yes, as the name implies, these health coaching programs are already “Done For You”, so all you need to do is buy them, and you can start working with clients.
  • The Pacing, and Homework, and Worksheets are already provided, so, you’ll have handouts and worksheets to use with each of your clients.
  • There are (usually) recipes! Clients LOVE recipes. If you’re savvy in the kitchen, you might not realize just how much your clients are going to beg you for recipes and creating recipes can be a huge PITA for new health coaches.
  • Updates + Fresh Content: Many DFY programs give you access to updated or new content (or let you buy it at a reduced rate) so your health coaching program stays fresh.
  • Support + Connection. Many DFY programs have a program support group (typically on Facebook) where you can connect with the program creators and other health coaches for additional support and ideas.
  • You’ll Get Marketing Materials Too! Many DFY programs also include marketing materials such as images, brochures, social media templates or even free “challenges” you can run with your potential clients to build interest around the program.

The Cons of “Done For You” Programs for Health Coaches

  • The program might not match your health philosophy. This is the most common concern I hear from health coaches, and it’s totally true. We all have our own spin on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, and it’s unlikely that the DFY program will match yours entirely. You need to know this going in, so if you want the most effortless experience with a program, be ready to accept a few things that don’t exactly line up with your personal approach to health and well-being.
  • You’ll want to spend time reviewing the materials and trying the recipes. Yep, if you’re going to use a program with your clients, you need to be really comfortable with the materials, so you’ll want to review all of the lessons AND try some of the recipes, so you can coach with confidence.
  • You might need to spend time updating the materials. Sure, it’s a lot less time than creating materials from scratch but depending on how picky you are about having your unique branding or your unique spin on the materials, you’ll need to spend some time updating and customizing them.
  • You still have to sell it! You’ll have all the program materials, but that won’t instantly give you clients! You’ll still need to invest time in marketing and selling the program to get your first clients.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a DFY Program

Before you decide a DFY program is for you, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

What is the refund policy? If you can, I would recommend finding something that has a 30-day refund policy. If they don’t offer any kind of refund policy at all, there might be something wrong.

Can you edit the content? When you start a business in the health coaching industry, you want to be seen as an expert. So, this might be an important point for you to consider. Do you just want to have handouts with a copyright on them or do you want more flexibility so you can add your own stuff?

Are you going to receive any future support? Good customer service is always important because after you begin the program, there may be questions, so you want to be sure there is someone that is available when and if you need further assistance following the sale.

Is it high-quality content? Read testimonials and ask around about the program developer. You want as much information as possible before deciding these programs are for you.

One of the concerns for a health coach is being asked if you created the programs yourself. However, you will find that this question is rarely asked. Remember, a teacher does something very similar to this when they are coming up with their lesson plans. It is meant to be a time saver and allows you to spread your focus. It allows you to get started so you can begin to build up your confidence.

During the program, you can also start to get more of a feel for what it is your clients need and want, so you can start adding other tools and resources to your coaching arsenal.

How to Decide if a DFY Program is Right for You

If you’re comfortable with the pros and cons above and you have answered the list of questions, I think a DFY health coaching program can be a huge help to get you coaching paying clients quickly.

It’s most important to find a program that aligns with your beliefs and your health and nutrition approach about 90%. Then you can decide if you want to invest the time to customize the materials, or if you’re just going to work with the program and curriculum as-is.

After all, you can and will develop your own health coaching program for individuals after you have more client experience. So maybe this first program doesn’t need to be 100% perfect.

(Another hint: no programs are 100% perfect. You’ll always evolve as a coach. The most important thing is to just get started. And “Done For You” coaching programs can absolutely help you do that!)

Two “Done For You” Health Coaching Programs I Recommend

For a more detailed look at a “Done For You” health coaching program that many wellpreneurs have used with success, check out:

My review of the “30 Day Jumpstart” program from Health Coach Solutions

My review of the complete “Coach with Confidence” program

Have you used a “Done For You” health coaching program? What’s your advice to new health coaches considering buying one?

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