Revolutionizing Wellness Industry: Meghan Dowd of Cado {e198} 

Today I’m speaking with wellpreneur Meghan Dowd, the owner, creator and founder of Cado Ice Cream: paleo and vegan friendly ice cream made from fresh avocados. Meghan and I actually went to college together and I heard about her through one of our class Facebook groups, and when I saw what her business was and that she was a wellpreneur – I knew I wanted to have her on the show. So Meghan was working in LA, but she really wanted to move back to Iowa where she’s originally from. The first business she started when she went back was kombucha and she’s also a yoga teacher and runs a studio. Being in the wellness business already, eventually Meghan and her family recognized a serious lack in healthier, dairy free and vegan options in ice cream section, so they came up with Cado. It’s the first time avocado has been used to make ice cream foundation and they have really revolutionized the food industry with their line of products. What we’re talking about today is how she got started with her business, how she got her first big customer, and also how she balances her family life. She openly shares how it took a lot of trial and product testing until they’ve came up with the best recipe for their delicious treat. I think you are just going to love hearing from her, because even though she’s really successful, she is a real down to earth wellpreneur. Meghan shares that she really values partnerships in her business, what it looks like to run a wellness business as a family with her mom and brother, and how she balances her multiple wellness outlets. If you are in a food or nutrition industry you’ll also love her recommendations on some great resources where she finds inspiration and information.

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