Case Study: Holistic Food Coach and Personal Chef Sachiko Marchand Grows by Moving 100% Online {e199} 

This week I have another great interview in Real Wellpreneur series, and my guest is Sachiko Marchand, holistic food coach, dietitian, nutritionist, and founder of Holistic Food Journey. Sachiko was actually one of my clients, and when we first met she was doing personal chef services and cooking classes in a few countries before settling down in Australia, but we transformed her business by shifting it online and allowing her to grow this worldwide community. She is now working less with having a lot more impact and generating more income, her work is much more fun, and she’s spending more time with her family, which is her top priority. Sachiko is such an inspiration! She has proven that you absolutely CAN find time to grow your business even when you are having small children and take care of your family. She’s experienced incredible growth in her business: she has a thriving online community, a few very popular courses, published book, and we talk about that whole amazing journey. Sachiko will share some of the financial aspects of growing her business. I think you’ll find this interview really inspiring, especially if you feel like you can’t balance the time between your work and your family or have trouble transitioning to growing your business from your day job. And actually when we finished the interview we kept chatting and talking about market research and how important it was for her while she’d been developing her programs – so I decided to record that part as well and add it to today’s episode as I think you’ll find it super valuable to hear how you can zero down on your audience. So get your notebook ready because there’s tons of goodness in today’s interview. I know you’ll enjoy it!

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