Why I Shut Down a Successful Business To Be More Aligned With my Work – With Katie Krimitsos {s07e02} 

“Just trust and surrender.” Katie Krimitsos

This week Amanda is joined with Katie Krimistos, a founder of the Women’s Meditation Network, the home for guided meditations that are created for the very special journey that women walk throughout their lives.

In this episode, Katie reveals her transition from shutting down her successful company, Biz Women Rock to lunching the new one, Women’s Meditation Network that is more aligned with the type of freedom she wanted to create. Particularly, you will find out why this shift was so terrifying for our guest, what fears it caused, why you should enjoy the journey without rushing, why you should just trust and surrender, and many, many more!

Here’s what you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:32 – Who is Katie Krimitsos
  • 1:06 – How Amanda met Katie
  • 1:33 – A big shout out to our new sponsor Well Spirit Press!
  • 2:03 – Check Amanda’s new Productivity Blocks Quiz
  • 3:56 – Katie’s transition from Biz Women Rock to Women’s Meditation Network and
  • 13:12 – Why it was terrifying
  • 17:34 – Katie’s inner compass that guided her through the shift
  • 24:36 – Katie’s recent announcement about shutting down her podcast and company and what fears this caused
  • 28:31 – All you need to know about Katie’s brand new podcast
  • 30:02 – If she could go back, what advice our guest would give to herself
  • 32:02 – Why you should enjoy the journey without rushing
  • 35:31 – Having two small kids, how Katie manage her time for work
  • 40:51 – Handling to-do lists
  • 43:14 – How Katie treats social media in her business
  • 46:38 – How you can get in contact with Katie Krimistos

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