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Wellpreneur: Self love and self care with shannon kaiser of play with the world IG

Today we are really focusing on entrepreneurial journey, so if you enjoy listening how someone decides what is the work they are meant to do, when is the right time for an entrepreneur to make transition from the day job to working for their own business, how to create a platform and build a sustainable business – you are going to love this episode! Most of all, my today’s guest Shannon Kaiser and I talk about self care and self love as a wellpreneur, and Shannon shares how she built her wellness business around self love and self care. Out of shame from others we often don’t admit to ourselves we are not satisfied even if we do earn a lot of money or live someone’s dream. But what if it’s not your dream and you’re not exactly sure what it is that you really want to do? Shannon talks about the tools she found helpful to move forward from the advertising industry she wasn’t happy working in towards her own business, and how shifting focus on her happiness helped her get a clearer picture of what her ideal business would be. Asking yourself when is it that you feel the happiest and most alive can take you a step closer to your answer, and Shannon shares tips on focusing on positivity that helped her find her ideal business and really enjoy her work of helping others.

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