Being Your Authentic Self in Your Business with Samantha Kellgren {244} 

“It’s OK if you don’t nail your niche at the first go. Enjoy the journey.” Samantha Kellgren

In today’s episode, Charlie chats with Samantha Kellgren, a founder of Simply Well Coaching and a certified health and mindset coach. Sam is an expert in guiding ambitious women to build healthier habits and live with less stress and more energy. More specifically, she helps Type-A women with high expectations of themselves, slow down and stop the guilt trip so they can enjoy a more relaxing life and find balance, joy and confidence. You’ll learn how to truly bring your authentic self to your business, and understand your target market better than anyone, from an experienced wellpreneur who has had an own market journey with great success. Samantha is sharing her wisdom with us, in the hope to inspire new Wellness entrepreneurs who are trying to find their niche.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • How Samantha found her way to be a Health and Wellness coach
  • How we can be more authentic in our work
  • Building a business by focusing on people with specific problems
  • Where to find your first niche
  • How to speak the same language with the clients
  • Enjoy the journey: How can you bring some level of comfort and satisfaction into getting to where you want to go
  • Helping women go from burn-out to workout
  • How people can find Samantha on-line
  • How to be more structured with setting goals
  • Know who you talk to: How to engage with clients in an authentic way
  • Less hustle, more flow: The characteristics of Sam’s community
  • How you can get free weekly life coaching with Samantha
  • Resonate: How much can you know your target market

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