Creating Luxury Wellness Vacations with Linden Schaffer of Pravassa Wellness Travel {e17} 

This week I’m talking with Linden Schaffer the founder of luxury wellness vacation company Pravassa Wellness Travel. Linden and I talk about how she uses online marketing to grow her business, especially to keep her clients engaged until they’re ready to join a vacation. She also shares how she was a reluctant writer, but now finds it one of the key ways to build her audience online.  And I just had to ask about healthy travel tips – so Linden shares tips to stay well in-flight, beat jet-lag, find healthy food at your destination and stay grounded while traveling!

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why designing products and services based on what YOU want is a bad idea (and what to do instead)
  • Why she doesn’t use the word ‘retreat’
  • How she keeps clients engaged until they’re ready to buy
  • Why she cringed at the idea of having a blog – but did it anyway
  • How to find your voice online
  • How to stay healthy on the road + find good food at your destination!

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