{e20} My First Year in Business with Kevin Geary 

This week’s interview is part of my new First Year in Business series where we take a behind-the-scenes look at how new business owners have found success online. Get ready to be inspired! Kevin Geary runs the online fat-loss program Rebooted Body. He’s been in business for just over a year, and generously shares his experience and how he’s built his business.  We talk about raising prices from $9 per month to $99 per month (and how that helped him quit his corporate job!), being super-specific about communicating what you do, and how he uses webinars and his podcast to grow his audience online.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A sneak peek into Kevin’s first year in business
  • How to connect with potential customers online to build trust
  • How Kevin raised his prices from $9 per month to $99 per month
  • The mindset shift going from employee to entrepreneur
  • How scaling back blogging actually brought in a bigger audience
  • The ONLY thing Kevin uses Facebook for
  • How Kevin uses Podcasts + Webinars to grow his audience
  • Why the group coaching model works so well
  • and how to deliver amazing customer service!

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